Family Relationships

The intricacies of family and the systems surrounding the workings of this group have fascinated social scientist for centuries and has driven Mothers and Fathers wacky for just as long. These articles will demonstrate how to work in and with the family; how to avoid land mines; how to have difficult conversations; how to teach the next generation important family and business lessons; and when and how to decide if the next generation should work in the family.

Who is the Chief Family Officer in Your Family Business?

Have you ever heard this, “I am the owner and chief bottle washer of my business?” Every business has its own phases of management. Owners daily recognize themselves fulfilling the duties of a chief operations officer C.O.O., a chief financial officer C.F.O. and a chief executive officer C.E.O. While we readily recognize these roles for people directly working in the business, family members must also recognize and undertake on roles within the family for the benefit of both the business and the family.

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