Harvest and Communication

As Harvest fast approaches being over, I want to remind all my clients that now is the time for forgiveness and use of your systems. I know you are in throws of the busiest season of the year. It is likely that you have experienced difficult conversations and one or two miscommunications, despite the work and systems we designed. Remember the rule of “Do Overs”. During extreme demands, our brains go back to instinctual communication patterns. We may be more likely to ignore the new business systems that were created to reduce stress. It is bizarre how as humans we know what to do but refuse to do what will help us stay healthy. Whole industries make millions off this unexplainable human tendency.

If you feel yourself slipping into old communication styles or ineffective conflict methods, I beg of you to STOP, BREATH and FORGIVE. None of us are perfect. We will make mistakes because we are supposed to. Pick yourself up, regroup and start again. Remember to have your task meetings, write things down, clarify and communicate. You got this.

When the harvest is done, regroup and debrief your systems that worked, what did not work and write it down. Before planting season begins, pull these notes out and read them so you can implement effectively. I am thinking about all of you always and I believe in each of your abilities. Godspeed.