Outdoor and Hospitality Conference and Expo 2016

By: Amy Wirtz

I am excited to announce that I will be presenting at the 2016 Outdoor and Hospitality Conference and Expo in Fort Worth, Texas next week. I will be teaching two seminars and working with a great group of business owners. Many business owners know they must “prepare” to transfer their business to the next generation or a new owner. The idea is often overwhelming. Business owners have ideas on how, when, and where this will happen. Unfortunately, most owners have not formalized nor revealed their plan to anyone impacted by the transfer.

The first presentation is called Your Business is a Legacy. This workshop will introduce a process to help the owner discover ways to increase the value of their business, reduce obstacles that may interfere with the completion of their success plan, and help identify and overcome issues that may hinder the transfer.

The second presentation, the Chief Family Officer, will cover family relationship management. The Chief Family Officer is the individual in a family run business who manages the family relationships. Sadly, this may mean some issues cross over into the personal realm. During this session, attendees will learn how powerful this position is and the benefits in considering someone outside the family to be the “CFO”. Other points to be discussed are the importance of the Influence Savings Account and how to A.C.T. for family harmony.

See you all in Texas,